Zeppelin NT supports charity activity "Red Nose Day" 2003

At the moment a big red nose can be seen flying over Lake Constance. It is flying as an ambassador for the charity project "Red Nose Day 2003" ( which is raising funds for children's organizations world wide. The symbol of this charity organization is the red nose which are sold in many places. More than 1.10 EUR of the 2.00 EUR price directly goes into the helping organizations.

The Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei is helping this fund raising in a very special way. For the first time the nose cone of the Zeppelin "Bodensee" was painted with a red nose. This Zeppelin can be seen flying over the Lake Constance area until March 14th, 2003. Passengers and visitors can buy red noses in the check-in area to help the children.

For two of the Zeppelin tickets you can bid on The full amount of the bidding will be passed on to the "Deutsche Kindernothilfe e.V." for further distribution. The bidding will end on March 20th, 2003.

The following photos have been taken on March 9th, 2003.

* * * *
Red nosed Zeppelin #2 "Bodensee" Zeppelin Rush-hour Zeppelin #3 is being moved within the hangar Airship #1 is used here for pilot training
* * * *
"Bodensee" going to be moved into the hangar While turning the tail is kept up in the air by the tail engine until the airship is aligned with the hangar Then the engine can be switched off and the airship is pushed into the hangar
* * *
"Bodensee" in the hangar "Friedrichshafen" has landed and on the mast Big crowds in and in front of the hangar