Videos of the Zeppelin NT in Malmsheim - September 2002

The following videos are currently available for download:

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Zeppelin comes in for landing, length: 02:03, size: 4,564,996 Passenger exchange, length: 00:46, size: 1,712,132 Take off with new passengers next to passengers of previous flight, length: 00:51, size: 1,918,980
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Landing as seen by ground crew, length: 03:03, size: 6,813,700 Zeppelin being pulled to mast, length: 01:28, size: 3,268,612 Take-off as seen from the cabin, length: 01:28, size: 3,268,612
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Aerial views, Castle Solitude, Stuttgart, length: 00:39, size: 1,449,988 Pilots & Cockpit, length: 02:01, size: 4,489,220 Take off as seen by previous passengers, length: 01:13, size: 2,725,892

All videos are in MPEG-1 Format, 320 x 256 pixels in size and with a low bitrate to allow for faster transfers.

Alternate video formats (Trial)

Since the file size of MPEG-1 videos is still to large I am experimenting with different video formats. I have encoded the third clip in two additional formats: RealVideo and DivX. The resolution is still the same but the bitrate and thus the file size could be reduced significantly. Please send your feedback to and tell me which format you would prefer for future video clips.

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MPEG-1 format, length: 00:51, size: 1,918,980 RealVideo format, length: 00:51, size: 982,097 DivX format, length: 00:51, size: 960,512
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